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The advantages of LED lamps
Dec 23, 2016

1: environment-friendly lighting

The traditional fluorescent tube contains large amounts of mercury vapor, if broken mercury vapour would evaporate into the atmosphere, polluting. LED lamps do not use mercury, and LED products do not contain harmful substances such as lead, the shell can be recycled, and no damage to the environment. Recognized as the 21st century green LED lamp lighting.

2: a little warm

Traditional lamps are tungsten light will produce a lot of heat, but LED lamps light efficiency had reached 140LM/W, conversion rate is high, the surface temperature at 60 ℃, does not produce UV, documents, clothing and no fading.

3: no noise

LED lamps do not generate noise, using sophisticated electronic equipment, on the occasion of a good choice. Suitable for library and Office applications.

4: protect your eyes

Traditional fluorescent lamps is on AC power, so would generate 100-120 times per second strobe. LED bulbs LED constant current work is converted to direct current alternating current direct and effective in reducing LED light failure, started fast, flicker-free, and protect the eyes.

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