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Sujiahang Expressway Shengze section installed 265 sets of LED street lights
Sep 26, 2018

Following the initial commissioning on September 20, on the evening of September 22, the Shengze section of the Sujiahang Expressway was officially lit, and 265 sets of LED street lights added a plaque to the two-way 7.2-kilometer-long expressway.

The relevant person in charge of Sujiahang Expressway Company stated that the Sujiahang Expressway K94+400 to K98 section (Shengze Road toll station to Shengze main line toll station) usually has a large traffic volume at night, most of which are large trucks, which are mostly for night traffic accidents. The aim is to improve visibility at night, improve traffic conditions and reduce traffic accidents.

After several analyses and discussions, Sujiahang Expressway Company and the traffic police and road administration departments decided to implement the lighting project for the road section. Since the start of construction on June 1 this year, 265 sets of LED street lights have been installed in the main line, ramps and bridges of the Shengze section of the Sujiahang Expressway, which has completely illuminated this section.

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