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St. Petersburg Light Festival - Deducting the historical city culture
Nov 08, 2018

From January 3rd to 5th, the annual light show was held in the historic city of St. Petersburg, Russia, which attracted a large number of tourists. The St. Petersburg Light Festival is held every year from November 1-10. The theme of this year is to show the public the achievements Russia has made in sports, aerospace and other industries.



The St. Petersburg Light Festival was held for the first time in the 2016 Isa Kiev Square, where 3D projections were performed at the Isa Kiev Church, performing one after another beautiful light show.


LED lighting

The 2017 Light Show was held on the Palace Square and staged the city's historical events on the Palace Square and the Arc de Triomphe through 3D projection technology. Topics include: New Year celebrations and historical events such as the attack on the Putilovsky factory, the abdication of Nicholas II, the Lenin's April outline, and the attack on the Winter Palace.

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