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Skoda uses a virtual night driving laboratory to design lighting systems
Nov 09, 2018

Seeing and being seen is the golden rule of driving in the dark. As the daylightens, the night becomes longer, and the darker vision in the darkness is harmful to the driver. 40% of car accidents occur in the dark. According to foreign media reports, Skoda (?KODA), which is always at the forefront of safety design, is developing and testing headlights using night driving simulation laboratories.

Skoda's virtual night driving technology uses virtual reality and solid models to develop the latest headlamp designs for its vehicles. Using the sketches and 3D data provided by the designer, the developer uses this technology to design and adjust the lighting to suit each new Skoda model. Test the beam in a static and dynamic driving simulation environment and evaluate the expert sitting in the car to simulate a real-life experience. To create realistic virtual images, the simulator uses three single-chip digital light processor (DLP) projectors to mount an optical mask in front of the lens to complement the black scene configuration in night driving scenarios. A mathematical model is then built to monitor various functions, including MATRIX high-beam masking, in which individual LED beams are momentarily turned off and the beam intensity is manipulated to avoid dazzling other users while maintaining high beam illumination. When the lights are reflected by traffic signs and road markings, the simulator can also be used to assess how many drivers will be dazzled by the headlights of the vehicle.

Petr Kristl, head of lighting development at Skoda, said: “This is the only such laboratory of the Volkswagen Group, providing our employees with a unique opportunity to test the lights designed for new models before the prototype enters the test phase. Virtual Night driving tools allow us to monitor and evaluate the quality of the light path and optimize the lighting system functionality."

All daytime running lights for Skoda models have been LED technology, and Octavia, Karoq and Kodiaq models are equipped with full LED headlamps, namely low beam, high beam and Direction indicator LED. The newly modified FABIA is equipped with standard LED headlights and LED taillights.

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