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Only sells European lighting business and North American Xiwannian Osram Asia Pacific business as usual
Aug 11, 2018

It is reported that OSRAM OSRAM is the latest news about the sale of lighting business.

In a notice sent to customers, OSRAM said that it only sells OSCO, the European lighting business headquartered in OSRAM OSRAM, and SYLVANIA Lighting Services in the US. There are no plans to sell the Traxon and e:cue businesses in the LS business unit, as well as the lighting, dynamic lighting and control systems businesses in Asia.

Osram said that the LS Asia Pacific business unit will remain in normal operation. Traxon, e:cue and lighting, dynamic lighting and control systems businesses in Asia have no sales plans and are not affected. “We will continue to provide you with the highest quality and most abundant lighting solutions, to be your most reliable and complete solution provider, and to meet your specific needs, to provide you with the most flexible and customized overall solution.” The company said.

Osram Professional Lighting Systems Solutions (LS) Division focuses on smart city development, focusing on the development, production and sale of road lighting, industrial lighting, office and architectural lighting products, including smart city solutions, interior and exterior special effects lighting, etc. field. Among them, the lighting market in the Asia-Pacific region accounts for more than 50% of the global market share (source: Frost & Sullivan), and the demand for intelligent control, dynamic lighting and landscape lighting continues to grow.

Osram said that the company's lighting business in the Asia-Pacific region continued to maintain a high growth trend. The business grew by more than 50% year-on-year. It successfully turned losses into profit and continued to introduce intelligent solutions, such as the industry-leading SYMPHO? series products, focusing on different The fields and industries provide cases, including the smart city central management platform SYMPHO?City, the smart road central management platform SYMPHO?Street, and the smart industry central management platform SYMPHO?Industry to meet market demand.

The full notice is as follows:


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