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New light source technology market battle: LED light source vs laser light source
Nov 26, 2018

In the era of traditional light source projectors, the homogenization of products is serious, especially in domestic projectors, only the price competition. Since the new light source technology was applied to the projector market, projector products have started a new round of technical competition. The new light source technology has also been hailed as a new technology to subvert the traditional projector industry. At present, there are three main new light source technologies on the market, such as LED light source, laser light source and two light sources. However, with the advancement of technology, hybrid light source technology has gradually become a weak market, while LED light sources and laser light sources have been divided into two different fields.

Market battle for new light source technology

The new light source technology mainly includes LED light source and laser light source. Among them, LED light sources are more widely used in the personal entertainment and home theater markets due to their wide color gamut and long life. Although it has expanded to the business education market a few years ago, its low-lightness disadvantage has also caused Samsung to break the projection market. The current LED light source technology is mainly used in portable projector products, and some of the top household brands have begun to adopt this light source.

The application of laser technology has only begun to appear on a large scale in the past two years. It has not been applied before because it has been difficult to solve mainly because of security issues. The problem of spot is even after years of technological innovation, and the current effect is achieved. However, those have become the past, high-brightness laser projectors have been available, and successfully commercialized, the future application of laser projectors in large venues, commercial theaters, etc. will no longer be a dream.

Market status of new light source technology

LED light source technology

In the projector using the LED light source, portability is a major feature, and how to ensure the portability while improving the brightness has become a difficult point of the current LED light source projector. In the past, the brightness of 1000 lumens has been maintained for 1 year. Recently, the projector brand named DreamVision announced that it will launch a fantasy cinema projector. This new projector uses LED light source and has a brightness of 1600 lumens. With powerful 3D capabilities, you can enjoy the 3D world with DLP-Link glasses. The machine weighs about one kilogram and the life of the light source can reach 30,000 hours.

Projectors using LED light source technology are still moving toward the home market. The world's leading home theater projector brand Sim2 also announced the launch of the top-of-the-line cinema projector M120 with LED light source, which uses a 0.95-inch full HD DMD chip (this chip is generally used in high-end home projectors). With a brightness of 1000 lumens and a contrast ratio of 100,000:1, the performance configuration is among the best in the current projector market using LED light sources at home and abroad.

Recently, the introduction of an ultra-portable projector with a domestic LED projector brand and Baidu Cloud TV has attracted market attention. Compared with other products, this product is not the brightness, but the processor and Android 4.4 operating system, which can easily access the wifi, greatly improving the practicality. And the machine built Baidu cloud TV software, no need to connect any playback equipment, as long as you access wifi, you can watch TV programs through software, which is the most convenient portable projector we have used. The emergence of this product, as well as the market acceptance of portable projector products, has greatly improved.

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