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Medical marijuana is planted with LED lighting system, and Heliospectra has received orders.
Sep 12, 2018

On September 11th, Sweden's Heliospectra announced that the new production equipment of Danish Cannabis Pharm chose Heliospectra's horticultural lighting and control system. The company ordered Heliospectra's ELIXIA LED lighting solutions and HelioCORETM lighting control software to fully automate the lighting environment and produce the best quality medical marijuana. It is reported that Heliospectra will be shipped during the first quarter of 2019.

Official sources show that Cannabis Pharm is currently building a new high-density vertical culture system in Randers, Denmark. The company has partnered with Heliospectra and Montel, Canada to combine a centralized LED lighting management strategy with state-of-the-art mobile shelves to provide a total solution that optimizes crop quality and maximizes production and business performance.

Ali Ahmadian, president of Heliospectra, said that Denmark is rapidly becoming one of the largest medical cannabis production sites in Europe. The European market continues to expand the medical cannabis industry, and standardized high quality products are the key to success. The life cycle of cannabis needs to go through several different stages of growth, each with different requirements for environmental factors, such as light intensity and spectrum. Using Heliospectra's intelligent ELIXIA LED growth lamps and HelioCORETM control software, growers can automatically adjust lighting and environmental prerequisites to meet crop growth requirements to optimize crop growth conditions and enhance energy efficiency.

Heliospectra said that the trend of legalization of medical marijuana worldwide has promoted the development of expertise in this field, and the company has worked with a number of institutions and companies to expand the knowledge of the industry. This year, the company has partnered with medical cannabis research institutions from Canada, Australia, Macedonia and Denmark.

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