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Led tube installation
Dec 23, 2016

Installation is relatively simple, its driving power for both internal and external, power supply built-in LED lamp installation, the original fluorescent bulbs is taken off and put on LED lamps and ballast and Starter removed, 220V AC can be directly added to the LED lamp ends.

LED lamp installation is very simple, when you install the original fluorescent lamps, remove the LED lamp on and remove ballast and Starter, let both ends of the 220V AC mains supply directly to the LED lamps.

LED lamp power saving up to 70%, more than 10 times of life for the ordinary lamp (theoretically up to 50,000 hours or more), is virtually maintenance-free, there are no regular replacement of the lamp, ballast, starter problems, about half down costs can in Exchange for cost savings. Green semiconductor light, soft light, color, eye protection and good health of the people.

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