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LED lighting application
Mar 21, 2018

(1) The display and communication number display the application of the light source. LED lamp has characteristics of shock resistance, fast light response, fast power saving and long life. It is widely used in various indoor and outdoor displays and is divided into full-color, dual-color and monochrome display screens; traffic lights are mainly used for ultra-high brightness. Red, green, and yellow LEDs, which use LED signal lights, are both energy-efficient and highly reliable, so traffic lights are gradually being replaced.

(2) Applications in the automotive industry Automotive lamps include dashboards, audio indicators, backlights for switches, reading lights, and external brake lights, tail lights, side lights, and headlights. LED response speed can promptly remind drivers to brake and reduce rear-end collisions.

(3) LED is used as LCD backlight source. With long life, high luminous efficiency, no interference, and high cost performance, it has been widely used in electronic watches, mobile phones, BP machines, electronic calculators, and credit card machines. With the increasingly miniaturization of portable electronic products, LED backlight sources have advantages.

(4) LED lighting sources replace traditional lighting fixtures. This replacement trend has started to involve indoor and outdoor, commercial lighting, road industry lighting and so on.

(5) Other applications such as electronic products such as mobile phones, digital players, computers, radios, etc. For example, a kind of children's popular flash shoes, built-in LED will flash when walking.

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