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Led lamps the future direction
Dec 23, 2016

It is well known that traditional incandescent bulbs due to high power consumption, heat a huge disadvantage, is gradually being replaced by energy-saving lamp of cold light source. But technology is in constant progress, Philips presented a revolutionary invention--TLED warm light bulb. Philips plans to start mass production in 2015, TLED, first used in industrial and commercial area, subsequently entered the home market.

Traditional incandescent bulbs brightness ratio about 15 lumens per watt of power, while the common energy-saving lamps is much higher, up to 200 LM/w, TLED has risen to a new level on the basis of this, up to about 1000 lumens/Watt. According to statistics, the United States lighting when using energy-saving lamp consumes 200 billion-kilowatt (commonly known as China), TLED replace all light sources, would save $12 billion for electricity, and 60 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions, it sounds very attractive.

Chief Executive Rene van Schooten proudly said: "traditional LED mass popularity, TLED we invented this technology, its efficiency many times. The progress is exciting, and it will give us in this world to save energy. ”

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