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Led lamp housings
Dec 23, 2016

Are basically +1/2PC hood 1/2 aluminum alloy, basically there is no glass. Are PC particles (chemical name: Polycarbonate) production coupled with a powder made of the proliferation.

PC cover broadly divided into the following categories: transparent cover, transparent stripes cover, non-striped cover, white diffusion cover.

Transparent cover: as the name suggests, the transparent enclosure is transparent PC cover, this cover the lamp you can see lights, very bright, prone to dizziness, do not meet the human demand for light. Transmission performance is good, light transmission rate of up to 91%.

Transparent stripes cover this cover is semi-transparent cover, you can scatter light, but the light is not uniform enough, no glare, light transmission rate of about 88%.

Non-striped cover: also known as the zebra stripe hood, light transmittance this shell around 86%, this shell product not feel dark, cleverly avoided the effects of the dark area.

White diffusion cover: this cover is most manufacturers use cover on the market, the shell of the transmitted light 83-85% universal; 83 of the transmitted light is completely see the led spot.

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