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Led lamp circuit
Dec 23, 2016

Current for LED fluorescent lamp circuit board there are 2 types: aluminum plate, glass plate.

Aluminum plate: most fluorescent lamps on the market now are made of aluminum plate. Aluminium structure from top to bottom as follows: circuit board layer, a thermal insulation layer, aluminium base.

PCB layer: the main current-carrying capacity of copper foil used for circuits, the relatively high price of copper, so copper foil thickness directly affect the price of aluminum plate. Some aluminum plate on the market of thin copper foil, the price is cheap, but the product of the current-carrying capacity will be reduced.

Thermal insulation: thermal insulation works best is a special ceramic polymer, but the price is very high, with the material made out of aluminum plate prices are more than 1000 Yuan/square, would accept that domestic prices. In order to reduce cost and increase competitiveness on the market is replaced with other materials such as epoxy resin, glass cloth and so on.

Aluminum Base: General is made for aluminum sheet metal support structures, it also uses copper, thermal conductivity is better, but the price is high. Aluminum base

Seeking better thermal conductivity, is not easy to bend.

Glass plate: in pursuit of a price advantage, some manufacturers use fiberglass panels for PCB circuit. Glass plate there are several kinds, prices are not the same, there are several smaller: fiberglass board, single-sided copper clad fiberglass panels, double-sided copper clad strip of MDF, perforated glass copper clad fiberglass panels.

Glass plate: this circuit on the PCB Board is directly on the Board, no other processing, such prices are the cheapest, but almost no cooling capacity.

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