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LED intelligent lighting system changes classroom lighting environment
Sep 28, 2018

In recent years, the state's investment in basic education has been increasing, but the number of students with myopia in primary and secondary schools has increased rapidly. The survey found that poor classroom lighting environment is one of the main reasons for the decline in students' vision.

At present, most of the primary and secondary classroom lighting in China use fluorescent tubes as the light source, or directly use the "lamp bracket (including electrical components) + bare tube" method, or apply "lamps (grid panel / blackboard lamp) ) + fluorescent tube light source mode. Most of the lighting forms have problems such as the general lack of illumination of the desk, poor uniformity of the blackboard illumination, irritating eyes, irritations, and high color temperature.

Primary and secondary schools are places where students live and study for a long time. A healthy light environment plays a positive role in promoting the growth of primary and secondary school students.

The LED intelligent lighting system can meet the requirements of all standard illumination and uniformity of classroom lighting. The stereo luminous LED lamp panel has a total luminous flux of 3000lm per lamp, and the student is 0.7m x5.6m in the 0.75m horizontal plane (class height). In the desk area, the illuminance maintenance value (maintenance coefficient is 0.8) is 336lx, and the illumination uniformity can be achieved as 0.82. The three-dimensional illumination LED lamp panel with side illumination and back illumination has a good performance in increasing the illumination uniformity in the three-dimensional space and reducing the spatial glare effect.

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