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LED display applications
Apr 21, 2018

LED have unique advantages in the display, such as visible distance, high brightness, large viewing angles, low power consumption, and long life. Achieving a green and low power consumption approach can be achieved through the low power consumption of display screen hardware.

(1) Continue to improve the luminous efficiency of RGB three-color LED dies, study new packaging structures or methods, increase the efficiency of light extraction, make the devices achieve the same luminous intensity and require less current, and reduce power consumption.

(2) Develop a low on-voltage driving chip to provide conditions for lowering the full-screen operating voltage. For example, the display operating voltage can be reduced from 5V to 4V, which can save energy by 20%.

(3) Introduce low-power technology such as synchronous rectification into the switching power supply of the display screen to maintain high efficiency while reducing the output voltage.

(4) The intelligent driving control technology of the whole screen controls the brightness, and automatically controls the brightness of the display screen according to the ambient light intensity, which can improve the viewing comfort while saving energy. At present, the control system generally has this function, but the actual application effect is not good. It is difficult to make stepless adjustments or damage the display. Research in this area needs to be strengthened: In combination with surveillance cameras and sensors, image recognition technology is used to enable content playback when a certain flow density is reached within the service scope of the display screen. When there are no viewers or the number of viewers is too small, the screen is automatically turned off to save energy. 


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