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LED Chip
Nov 07, 2017

A solid-state semiconductor device in which the heart of the LED is a semiconductor chip, one end of the wafer is attached to a bracket, the other end is the cathode, and the other end is connected to the cathode of the power supply, so that the entire wafer is encapsulated by epoxy resin.led tube.png

Also known as LED Light-emitting chip, is the core of LED light components, that is, the N knot. Its main function is: to convert electricity into light energy, the main chip material for monocrystalline silicon. The semiconductor chip consists of two parts, one part is the P-type semiconductor, the hole in it occupies the dominant position, the other end is the N-type semiconductor, here mainly is the electron. But when the two semiconductors are connected, they form a n knot. When the current is acting on the chip through the wire, the electrons are pushed to the P area, where the electrons are combined with the holes in the P area, and then the energy is emitted in the form of photons, which is the principle of LED luminescence. The wavelength of light is the color of light, which is determined by the material forming the P-N knot.


50 years ago, people had known the basics of semiconductor materials to produce light, and in 1962, General Electric's Nick HolonyakJr. developed the first visible light emitting diode that was actually applied. LED is the abbreviation of English Light Emitting Diode, its basic structure is an electroluminescent semiconductor material, placed on a wire rack, and then four weeks with epoxy resin seal, that is, solid package, so can play the role of protecting the inner core line, so the LED seismic performance is good.

The original LED used as the indicator light source for instrumentation, and then a variety of light color led in traffic lights and large-scale display screen has been widely used, resulting in good economic and social benefits. In the case of a 12-inch red traffic signal, the United States used a long life, low light efficiency of 140-watt incandescent lamps as a light source, it produces 2000 lumens of white light. After the red filter, the light loses 90%, leaving only 200 lumens of red. In the new design of the lamp, lumileds company used 18 red LED light source, including circuit losses, a total power consumption of 14 watts, you can produce the same light effect. The automobile lamp is also an important field of LED light source application.

Research Significance of LED Chip

With the rapid development of LED technology and the gradual improvement of LED light efficiency, the application of LED will be more and more extensive. With the global shortage of energy increasingly serious, people are increasingly concerned about led in the lighting market development prospects, LED will be replaced by incandescent, tungsten and fluorescent lamp potential light source.

LED Lighting Market development space is broad. LED lighting application has been from the past outdoor landscape lighting led development to indoor lighting applications. According to analysis in the next five years LED indoor lighting development will have an exponential growth trend. Its output amounted to $ tens of billions of in 2011. In particular, the European Union pioneered the ban on incandescent lamps in 2009, and the issue of energy conservation has attracted much attention, creating a huge market opportunity and optimistic prospects for LED interior lighting.

The improvement of chip technology and low price is the key to reduce the cost of LED lighting application. With the improvement of LED chip technology, led light-emitting efficiency, the cost of a single LED chip is constantly declining. At the same time, upstream investment-led large-scale production capacity release, triggering strong market competition will also lead to lower chip prices, which effectively promote the LED lighting product cost decline. 2011, the chip from the previous demand for rapid conversion to oversupply, chip prices dropped rapidly. For example, the small power of 7.5milx7.5mil Blu-ray chips and high-power 45milx45mil Blu-ray chips fell by 55.9% and 55% in the year to 2011 respectively. 

Whether it is a high-power led chip for key lighting and overall lighting, or a low-power LED chip for decorative lighting and some simple auxiliary lighting, the key to technology upgrades is how to develop more efficient and stable led chips. In just a few years, with the help of a series of technical improvements, including the design of new type of epitaxial mechanism, which includes novel chip structure and multi quantum well structure, the luminous efficiency of LED has achieved great breakthroughs, which will pave the way for the popularization of LED semiconductor lighting.

led aluminum tube.png

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