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How can LED pole screens be able to withstand high temperatures?
Sep 08, 2018

With the advancement of smart city construction, the renovation of smart street lights in many cities across the country has also been put on the agenda, and LED light pole screens have been more widely used. As the display carrier of the smart street lamp project, the LED light pole screen needs to break through in performance. The most important one is the heat generation problem, because this will directly lead to the deterioration of various components inside the cabinet, which greatly affects the whole product. Working status and service life.


On the other hand, the LED light pole screens are installed on the street light poles on both sides of the road, in addition to the all-metal structure and small size, the temperature inside the cabinet can reach 60 ° C or more even in the summer without working. Therefore, the high temperature resistance of 80 ° C is the basic requirement of LED light pole screen. Based on this consideration, Tailong Zhixian, a smart terminal manufacturer such as LED light pole screen, has made a series of upgrades in product design to avoid heat accumulation and overheating inside the cabinet, making it reliable in a certain temperature range. And work steadily.

First, the sending card and the receiving card serve as the processing center of the entire LED light bar screen, carrying the "heavy duty" to convert the audio and video signals and transmit them to the LED display screen. Therefore, the core equipment such as the transmitting card and the receiving card must be close to 80 ° C. High temperature. Especially for the sending card, the area of the load can be not too large, and the memory 1G is enough, but the capacitor must reach the industrial level to achieve the high temperature resistance. The second is the power supply. As one of the common sources of heat for electronic devices, the greater the output power of the power supply, the more energy loss, and the greater the heat. The LED light pole screen is no exception, so the power supply should be increased. After the margin, the heat of the power supply is also reduced.

At the same time, in order to control the internal temperature, you can also use a large chip to increase the brightness of the LED light bar screen to 7000 cd, and then adjust it to 5000 cd when using, so that the power supply, the driving chip, and the light-emitting chip are all in a light load state, while saving energy. It also reduces the heat generated by each unit. In addition, the internal layout of the cabinet is also very important, especially the high-heat components such as the transmission card, the receiving card, and the power supply should not be close to each other, but should be ingeniously arranged with the internal fan to meet the principle of thermal convection.

In addition, the LED light bar screen box should use metal materials with good thermal conductivity, and increase the air outlet and air inlet, the number of fans should also be increased to reduce the high temperature burden; the internal wiring design is also horizontal and vertical as much as possible. The shortest line makes it easier to achieve internal heat convection.

In short, in order to ensure that the LED light pole screen can work normally under high ambient temperature, heat dissipation measures should be taken for the heat-prone components during design, and the internal layout of the cabinet should be neat and reasonable. If necessary, increase the number of internal cooling fans to meet the requirements. Ventilation, convection, etc., while avoiding the temperature-sensitive components placed near high-heat components, otherwise it is prone to failure.

It is worth mentioning that at present, smart terminal products such as Tailong Zhixian LED light pole screen have broken through the high temperature problem, and equipped with intelligent LED cooling and heating integrated temperature control system to realize automatic temperature sensing function, so that the product can be at -40 ° C ~ + It works stably in a temperature environment of 80 ° C and has a service life of nearly 8 years. At the same time, Tailong Zhixian is actively developing a fully cast aluminum box to increase the thermal conductivity of the product cabinet, and to make smart terminal products such as LED light pole screens and LED advertising products lighter, more energy-efficient and more

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