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Entering Expo: National Exhibition Center Lighting Design and Road Lighting Innovation Products
Nov 14, 2018

The above introduces various innovative and advanced lighting related products exhibited by exhibitors from various countries.

In addition, Shanghai has created a new service package and city appearance to meet the Expo, such as the upgrade of Shanghai night scene lighting, and the lighting elements as well as the National Convention and Exhibition Center lighting design, as well as the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition. Road traffic innovation and technology products provided by the transportation support around the center.

Venue: National Convention and Exhibition Center

The main venue of the Expo is the National Convention and Exhibition Center, which was upgraded before the start of the conference.

The National Convention and Exhibition Center venue function enhancement project involves the National Convention Center (Shanghai), parallel forum, facade renovation, energy center facade renovation, landscape engineering, floodlighting engineering, smart security, supporting projects, etc. Among them, the indoor renovation area is nearly 50,000 square meters.


The main body of the National Convention and Exhibition Center is the shape of the four-leaf clover. The vertical and horizontal design adopts the axis-symmetric design concept, which spreads from the center to the northeast and northwest, stretching the soft leaves. The National Exhibition Center has a total construction area of 1.47 million m2, equivalent to the area of 5.7 Beijing Bird's Nest. It is currently the world's largest building monomer and exhibition complex.

During the day, the National Convention and Exhibition Center is colourful, and the venues at night are more charming because of the improved lighting art.

The overall texture of the venue combined with the roof texture uses light to shape the “core”, “pulse” and “shape” of the four-leaf clover, and displays different themes through intelligent control.

LED Indoor

"Core", adding linear lamps on the side wall of the beam grille, providing soft floodlight expression through indirect light, enhancing the three-dimensional thickness of the "leaf stem"; "pulse", the lamp is installed under the buckle, which not only improves the thickness of the veins Degree, also through this indirect way to soften the light; "shape", the arrangement of high and low roof edge wall washers, so that the high and low levels can be highlighted, and also make the "four-leaf clover" overall expression can be expressed.

led indoor lighting

As night falls, when the flight is flying over the National Exhibition Center, you can see that the leaves, veins and leaf stems of the four-leaf clover are clearly layered and full of vitality under the lighting.

In addition, the LED line lights on the top of the blade can also display the theme words such as “CIIE” and “I LOVE SH” in a rounded form, and become a new business card for the city night scene in Shanghai.

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