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Do You Know About LED Downlight?
Nov 14, 2017

LED Downlight is a lamp that has a screw holder that can be directly fitted with an incandescent lamp or CFL. LED Downlight.jpgThe downlight is a kind of illumination lamp which is embedded in the ceiling light.

This hidden luminaire, embedded in the ceiling, is projected downward, and belongs to the direct distribution of light. can use different reflectors, lenses, shutters, light bulbs, to achieve different lighting effects. The downlight does not occupy the space, may increase the soft atmosphere of the space, if wants to create the warm feeling, may try to install many lamp, reduces the spatial pressure feeling. Generally in hotels, families, cafes use more.


The downlight generally has large (5 inch) medium (4 inch) small (2.5 inch) three kinds. The downlight has horizontal inserting and vertical inserting two kinds, the horizontal interpolation price is more expensive than the vertical interpolation.

Downlight Applicable Place: Large offices, conference rooms, department stores and stores, laboratories, airports and some of the civil room.


1. Compact and high luminous flux. Consumption of electricity is 1/3 of the incandescent lamp, life is 6 times times the incandescent lamp, the size of the compact to maintain a 175 of the design, inhibit the existence of the lamp, creating a bright space.

2. Two kinds of reflectors with mirror and matte. A specular reflector with a flicker of light to mediate the ceiling's frosted reflector with a moderate degree of brilliance.

3. The use of sliding fixed card, construction is convenient. Can be installed in the 3mm to 25mm of different thickness of the ceiling, maintenance can be very convenient to remove the luminaire.

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