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DLC new standard V4.4 official version is about to be released. Application for new products such as horticultural lighting
Oct 12, 2018

According to the official website of DLC (Design Lighting Consortium), after several months of drafting for comments, the official version of DLC V4.4 will be officially released and will take effect on October 18, 2018.

This technical requirements update includes new policies and allows high performance, energy efficient horticultural lighting products, DC and PoE products, and field dimmable distribution products to be certified and listed on the DLC QPL.

Compared with the V4.3 version being executed, the specific changes of DLC V4.4 mainly have the following four points:

1 Application for new horticultural lighting products

Testing and Reporting Requirements for LED-based Horticultural Lighting

The newly added horticultural lighting products are currently only powered by AC, and the luminaire with built-in cooling system is applied for, mainly considering the following two parameters:


2 Application for new DC&POE products

Testing and Reporting Requirements for Direct-Current (DC) and Power over Ethernet (PoE) Lamps, Luminaires, and Retrofit Kits;

DC DC products, PoE Power over Ethernet products have been included in the V4.4 version;

Currently, this type of product must be applied in the family mode, and the efficiency is the value calculated under the input power.

3 Application for new Field-AdjustableLight Distribution product

The DLC has added a new draft policy to this V4.4 release that will enable luminaires, lamps, and retrofit kits with field-adjustable light distribution capabilities to be qualified and listed on the DLC SSL QPL.

For current Field-Adjustable light distribution products, DLC requires that each Light distribution condition meet the requirements of the DLC standard.

4 Modified the requirements for the Field-AdjustableLight Output product

Field-AdjustableLight Output products are new in V4.3. In the V4.4 draft version, this product is classified into the dimmable category and only requires the product in maximum power mode. Meet the DLC requirements.

PS: The draft version of DLC V5.0 will be released in January 2019, and the lighting requirements for products that are not adjusted in V4.4 will change.

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