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China West Lake West Lake Night Landscape Smart Lighting Management Service Standardization Pilot Passed Acceptance
Sep 10, 2018

Recently, the West Lake Night Landscape Smart Lighting Management Service Standardization Pilot passed the acceptance test, and the West Lake Night Landscape Lighting 2.0 era was officially launched.

The West Lake Scenic Lighting Standardization System contains 11 night landscape lighting management standards, including operation, maintenance, inspection and assessment. In the future, the panoramic area lighting system will uniformly comply with this standard.

The West Lake Night Landscape Lighting Project began in the 1990s. In 2002, it began to combine large-scale and high-level lighting construction projects with the comprehensive protection and renovation projects of the West Lake. By 2007, the night landscape pattern of the core area around the lake, including the Three Islands in the lake, the Sudi, the Beishan Street, the Gems Mountain, and the Lakeside Park, was basically formed.

The municipality staff of the West Lake Scenic Area said, “The lighting management of the West Lake Scenic Area is based on the principle of territoriality. The eight management offices of the scenic spot manage their respective lights. There is no uniform standard for maintenance and operation. The level of management is different, and the management of the scenic spot is unified. There are difficulties. This kind of management has continued until the G20 Hangzhou Summit."

The G20 Hangzhou Summit was held, and the scenic area made an overall upgrade to the West Lake night landscape. Taking this as an opportunity, the pilot project for the standardization of the West Lake Night Landscape Lighting Management Service was launched in May 2017. It entered the trial operation phase in June 2018, and successfully completed the acceptance test of the Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision at the end of August. .

At present, this standard is only applicable to the lighting system in the West Lake Scenic Area. In the next step, the Municipal Landscape Management Center of Xihu Scenic Area intends to implement this set of standards to other urban areas in Hangzhou, and to harmonize the overall lighting management of Hangzhou

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