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why LED can be rapidly popularized in industial lighting?
Mar 26, 2018

Industrial facilities have a wide range of applications that require different lighting standards depending on the needs of a specific space.

◆For example, in warehouses and distribution  centers.These spaces require a variety  of light distribution fixtures to evenly illuminate a common large area while  providing good vertical candlelight in the aisles of high  shelves.

◆For example at a manufacturing plant. These spaces require precise optical controls to  improve visibility and safety, and minimize maintenance work. At the same time,  manufacturing plants also need durable lamps to withstand more complex and  harsher environments.

◆For example in food processing and cold rooms.These spaces must meet stringent regulatory  requirements. Luminaires must be airtight, moisture resistant, and provide  maximum light output.

LED luminaires can meet these standards, providing  higher quality lighting and higher aesthetics without the drawbacks of  traditional high-output luminaires.

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