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Unified Glare Rating is a Important Factor for You Choosing Lamp
Nov 17, 2017

Unified Glare Rating(UGR)

Measure the mental parameters of the subjective response of the light emitted by the illumination device in the indoor visual environment to the human eye, and the measured values can be calculated by the CIE unified glare rating formula according to the specified conditions.

The original industrial and civil lighting design standards for the general lighting of the interior of the direct glare, is based on the limit of the brightness limit curve, which is only aimed at the glare of a single luminaire, and can not characterize all indoor lighting produced by the total glare effect. Therefore, CIE puts forward the calculation formula of  UGR on the basis of the comprehensive national glare calculation formula. It is suitable for the general illumination design of simple cubic-shaped room, uniform equal spacing arrangement of luminaire, light fixture is double symmetrical distribution, the observation position is generally in the midpoint of longitudinal and transverse wall, and the line-of-sight level is observed in front.


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